safety amid this pandemic? 7 Reasons you can blindly bank upon PuraHeal KN95 Masks

Eyeing safety amid this pandemic? 7 Reasons you can blindly bank upon PuraHeal KN95 Masks

The ongoing pandemic scenario has initiated an escalated demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) all across the globe. Non-surgical masks have become an integral part of our daily lives. High filtration efficiency, anti-microbial features and an assurance of hygiene and safety tops our list while selecting the precautionary masks for us and our family.

PuraHeal, a part of the parent PARK Nonwoven group, is a trusted market leader with an exquisite range of non-surgical P6400 N95, P6400 v N95, N99, P9264 N99 and P9264 v N99 masks. The brand has emerged as a leading supplier of customised, anti-microbial and viral-resistant masks supported by its high-quality meltblown media, global best practices (in line with PARK Nonwoven) and technology benchmarks.

With parent company operations spanning across Delhi NCR, Chennai, Pune, Gujarat, Bangalore, St. Petersburg (Russia) and Pretoria (South Africa), PuraHeal masks with PM 3.0 folded d1ust/mist respirators are cost-efficient, tech-driven and competitive.

We've compiled a list of 7 reasons why you just cannot ignore PuraHeal's KN95 mask in your next buy.

1. Activate Carbon Mask with anti-fog quality:

High on quality PiraHeal masks are manufactured in compliance with FFP 2 / KN95 / P2 / KMOEL-2017-64 / DS and JMHLW.

2. 5 layer protection:

PuraHeal masks have 99.9% BFEE and 95% PFEE at 0.3 micron with DRDO, SITRA, CE, ISO and CLI certifications.

3. Reusable:

The‌ high-quality reusable materials (sourced from its global-leader parent company) used in mask production stands to be the company's greatest USP. If you're looking for a durable, international standard material for masks, this is the perfect choice for you!

4. Anti-Microbial and Viral resistant:

That is exactly what we are all looking for! With PuraHeal layered protection against microbes, viruses, etc. you can continue to enjoy routine life activities with great peace of mind.

5. Good breathability due to low breathing resistance:

This makes it a comfortable substitute for usual masks associated with complaints of poor breathability.

6. Made in India:

Yes, you read that right! The materials, filters, valves, etc. all substituents are made/manufactured in India. None of the products have been made or imported from China.

7. Global quality standards:

The power-packed, quality-guaranteed and safety-inspired masks adhere to US standards of NIOSH 42CFR84, FDA 510K and European standards of EN149:2001+A1:2009, EN143:2000 and EN14683:2005.

If you are on the lookout for custom-fit, reusable and trustworthy non-surgical masks for yourself, children or family, PuraHeal masks are sure to top your list!

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