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PuraHeal- An exquisite range of N95 P-6400, N95 P-9120, and N95 P-4900 masks from Park Industries.

Park Industries has been one of the leaders in the textile sector for the past 23 years, specializing in the production of a variety of products under the Non-Woven and Polymer category. They have also been one of the largest private brand manufacturers of face masks and disposable respirators in India. With superior quality benchmarks and stringent manufacturing processes, Park has been providing masks and respirators to major brands for repackaging under their brand name.

Sustainability is vital at Park. We are staunch advocates of the environment, and our manufacturing process ensures that we do not pollute the very same environment we're hoping to save. Since we have our own production facilities for non-woven and other fabrics, we are able to offer top quality product range with reasonable pricing. Park has launched this range of face masks and disposable respirators under the brand name PuraHeal for its retail customers.

PuraHeal benefits-

  • Available in customized sizes and packaging for kids, adults and family
  • Comfort, convenience and safety at competitive rates
  • Innovative design that is comfortable and easy to wear for long hours
  • High-precision manufacturing standards with certifications from DRDO, SITRA, CE, ISO & CLI
  • Sustainable processes and eco-friendly products
  • Incredibly lightweight – 33% lighter than other comparable respirators to decrease wearer fatigue
  • Universal design, one size respirator to fit almost any shape/size face
  • Available on major shopping portals and marketplace

Bulk Deliveries Available To Locations Across India

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