Prioritising Safety

  • PM 0.3 Foldable Antifog & Haze Respirators
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Virus-Resistant 5-Layered Mask
  • P6400 v N95 mask - with respiratory valve
  • Anti-microbial
  • Contains activated carbon, melt-blown cotton layer
  • 99.9 % BFEE & 95 % PFEE at 0.3 micron
5 Layer Protection N95 Mask in India

3 Ply Surgical Mask

Excellent Wearability | Anti-Allergic Properties | Lightweight with Soft Ear Bands

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Carefully Crafted with Stringent Quality Control

  • 5 Layer Protective Shield
  • Filters Exhaust, Dust, Chemicals, Particles, Pollen, Smoke & Fumes
  • Adjustable Nose Clip for Easy Wearing
  • Soft, Elastic Ear Loops for Extra Comfort
Virus Resistant 5 Layer Mask for Men & Woven -PuraHeal

Proudly Made in India

Your Perfect Companion

Made in India N95 Mask by PuraHeal

5 layer protection

The respirator is comprised of five layers of material: an outer layer of non-woven fabric (filtering 0.5 micron ash Particles) polypropylene, a second layer of Static Filter Cotton (2.5 micron soft and firming layer for filtering large particles ), a third layer of Static Melt-blown 2 Layer (for filtering particles smaller than 0.3 microns) and PP Non-woven Fabric Filter missing Dust.

Provides Unparalleled Protection

Pura Heal N95 Mask has been rigorously tested and provides sufficient protection against many substances including diseases such as Covid19, H1N1, Avian Flu and SARS.

  • 99.9% (BFE) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • 99.5% (PFE) Particle Filtration Efficiency
  • 99.9% (VFE) Viral Filtration Efficiency

Anti-fog quality

The snug fit does not allow air to enter or exit the interior of the respirator without passing through the filter media. Thus, the air doesn’t escape from the interior of the respirator over the nose region.

Allergy Free

The N95 Surgical Respirator is free of latex, PVC, and silicone, which makes this a viable option for people with sensitivities to these materials.

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P-9120 Yellow

Creating a Safer World

PuraHeal offers an exquisite range of P-6400 N95 White, P-4900 N95 Grey and P-9120 N95 Yellow masks for complete protection.

Delivering Excellence

PuraHeal specialises in the production of a variety of products under Non-Woven and Polymer category for more than 3 decades now with a global client base across 65 countries.

N95 P-6400 Mask Manufacturer in India - PuraHeal


Manufactured in compliance with FFP 2 / N95 / P2 / KMOEL-2017-64 / DS and JMHLW, PuraHeal masks are 99.9% BFEE and 95% PFEE at 0.3 micron. Certifications include DRDO, SITRA, CE, ISO, CLI.

Quality Management

Quality is not an act, it is a habit; we at PuraHeal are committed to follow the stringent quality parameters to consistently deliver top quality products and customer experience.

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Lightweight and thin construction with a soft inner layer for added comfort.

Elastic head straps are sonic welded inside the outer layers to minimise pressure points.

Incredibly lightweight – 33% lighter than other comparable respirators to decrease wearer fatigue, which makes for a more comfortable, longer wearing time.

Universal, one size respirator to fit almost any shape/size face.

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